How to Find a Reputable Travel Agent for Individual Needs

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or want to explore a specific destination for the first time, getting a reputable travel agent can be daunting. Here are some helpful tips for determining if your prospective travel agent’s services will suit your needs:

  1. Check out their certification

The first thing a travel agent from the US should have is certification from the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). This certification assures you that they’re well-versed with any seller of travel laws and possess omission insurance.

  1. Go local

The last thing any traveler or vacationer needs is working with someone they’re unlikely to meet, let alone spend time with. You need someone you can meet in person, hoping to close a deal. Unlike a trusted voice over the phone, a travel agent near you can create time to share their experiences and suggest places you should visit.

  1. Interview them in person

Travel agents charge booking fees for interviews, but it’s worth trying if you want the best travel experience. During the interview, don’t just pay attention to what they say. Instead, focus on their nonverbal cues. Do they seem distracted? Are they willing to spend time giving you suggestions? If they don’t, find another agent.

  1. Find out how they’ll react when under pressure

Anything can happen before or during your travel, from last-minute flight cancellations to your hotel getting overbooked. Your travel agent should not only ensure you travel safe, but should also know how to react if you run into trouble. That’s why it’s important to interview them on such matters to determine if they’re your guardian angel, or in it for the money and not your welfare.

There are many travel agents out there looking to facilitate your travel. However, not all of them might fulfill their obligations to the best of your expectations. These tips will help you know if a travel agent is right for you.